Recognizing Lampert Lumber

CSBSI would like to take a minute to recognize Lampert Lumber this week for giving back to the community and being a great customer of ours!

The Lampert/Fesler family have been a major contributor to the Arts, the U of M, many MN colleges, Habitat for Humanity, Rotary, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, the Boys and Girls Club, Minnesota Sheriff’s Office, the United Way, many Cancer groups, YMCA and others. Lampert Lumber is a wonderful company that has been around for 125 years! So please help us thank them for all the wonderful work they have done, and continue to do to make the community a better place!

Thank you Lampert Lumber!

Construction Clean Up

The final clean up is one of the last impressions an owner has. Why not make it a memorable one? With CSBSI cleaning up after your construction crew, you can be sure your cleaning needs will be met and surpassed.

Common Sense Building Services, Inc. can do a full construction clean up at the end of your project or daily/weekly clean up throughout the entire length. We will accommodate your needs and schedule. From washing windows, walls and floors to stripping and waxing, dusting or scrubbing, CSBSI has experienced crews equipped with the best cleaning gear for your construction project.

You didn’t hire your construction workers to clean. Hire CSBSI so they can do their job, and we’ll do ours.

Are You Neglecting Your Home

Most people are not home for the majority of the day so it is really easy to forget about the little things that make a huge difference in the smell of a home. Here are some pointers to get them done and up to par!

1. Always set realistic goals with a date so you know when it needs to be done.
2. Ask for help from the members that live in the household! If they are living in the house it is there dust and dirt too.
3. Pick a date, stick with it, and start cleaning!

Now that you’re organized, you’re ready to get your place looking and smelling like new. I always like to start with those forgotten windows. Start out with just hot soapy water and once you went through all your windows come back with the glass cleaner. Wash inside and out side of your windows and leave open. If you have two levels start upstairs and make your way down. Once you are done with that keep the windows open and strip the matrasses and wash all the sheets along with all window treatments. Don’t put the sheets back on until later that day. Having the windows open helps air everything out including the mattresses. You’re going to want to vacuum your mattress also. This will help get any extra dust bunnies out! You’re going to want to do this with the furniture also. Take the covers off and make sure that they are washable than vacuum all of the cushions and wash all of the covers. Let the furniture also air.

When you have finished up with windows and all of the furniture your going to want to start on the floors. I don’t mean getting the Swiffer out and pushing around the dirt. I mean getting down and dirty! You’re going to want to have a bucket of hot water and floor cleaner. Your going to want a scrub brush that will get into every crack and craves. One with ruff bristles and another with soft bristle for the different floorings that you have in your household. Now its time to start scrubbing!

Once you’ve got you’re hard surface floors done move to the carpet. A lot of people like to do it on there own but it is always nice to have someone come in once a year and do a deep scrub to make sure you are keeping it looking, feeling, and smelling new! Give your local carpet cleaning company a call and they would be happy to assist you. If your near the Minneapolis area don’t be shy to give Common Sense Building Services a call and they will set you up with all the cleaning supplies you need to accomplish what you need done and they will also be happy to set a date and time to stop out to take care of the carpets!

Hope this will help you accomplish a happy and clean home!

Good luck everyone and happy cleaning!!

Going Green

When going Green the small steps can make a HUGE difference. If everyone would implement a few basic changes, adding more as needed, we would have a consistently greener world. Small consistent adjustments will create more of an impact. A great way to start going green is with your cleaning products and services. Common Sense Building Services can help you with that. We have many products to choose from to do it yourself or if you would rather have CSBSI come in and take care of things we can! We have a great verity of Green products and staff that are very knowledgeable about what they are doing. Some of the products that we use that are good for the environment are Green Earth cleaning products. If your not sure what product is right for the job that your trying to tackle just give CSBSI a call and we can find what you are looking for. Good luck with going green and remember CSBSI is here to help!

Thanks and safe cleaning!

Happy Father’s Day

Happy Fathers day to all you dads out there from CSBSI! If your looking for a fathers day gift, you cant go wrong with a basket of goodies from the Cleaner Corner website. You will find anything and everything from WD-40, Extension cords, even a desk for his shop. So fill it up with all the things dads need and that he will love! Take a minute to sit down and look at the Cleaner Corner web site to find that perfect gift for dad! Don’t forget if you’re a local costumer shipping is free!

Spring Is Here

Warm weather is on its way, and it’s time for facility managers and building owners to review their cleaning programs and planning for spring. Daily cleaning tasks and deep cleaning initiatives go a long way toward preparing a facility for a new season for occupants and visitors.

Here is a list of 5 tips for facility managers and building owners to review while planning for the annual seasonal clean up!

  1. Freshen up facility appearance: Take time this spring to focus on small details. Whether bulbs and ballasts need to be replaced, addressing the small issues will improve to the overall appearance and operations of the facility. Partner with a vendor that is capable for handling these common handyman tasks to help maintain the building.
  2. Focus on flooring: Winter weather results in excessive wear and tear and a dulling of the appearance of flooring. Investing in a deep cleaning service for your tile and carpeting will go along way in the appearance of your facility. If you hold out to long on your flooring it will end up in a more expensive outcome. It will help delay replacement costs.
  3. Refresh restrooms: Daily cleaning always helps facilities stay expectable for customers. Springtime is a great time of year to do a deep clean from top to bottom.  Address dirty restrooms by implementing a deep cleaning service for restrooms that effectively removes built-up soils by sanitizing surfaces and fixtures using a high-pressure, chemical injection washer.
  4. Clean air conditioning units: Most air conditioning units are not used through the winter. To ensure the best indoor air quality, facility managers should complete a comprehensive air conditioning coil cleaning service. Air conditioning units that are not properly cleaned can lead to lingering odors, allergies, unit failure and high-energy bills. Completing regular air conditioning coil cleaning removes dirt, grime, and built-up sludge from the air conditioning units to improve indoor air quality, and lower energy bills.
  5. Go green: 84% of U.S. adults prefer to do business with companies that use environmentally friendly products and practices. Start out your spring green by selecting products that meet the requirements for the EPA’s Design for the Environment Program.

Good luck with your spring-cleaning and always remember Common Sense Building Services is always ready for any task you are ready to tackle! Happy Spring!

Salt Damage To Floors

Snow again? Do you know what that means? More mess on those floors at the office! How can one keep up with cleaning during this long winter? Well with hardwood, laminate and even some vinyl flooring, care, cleaning and maintenance may require more time and effort in the winter than you want to deal with. Snow, slush, mud, road salt, and ice-melt chemicals can excessively track into the office. Inside, the residual water from any of these elements can stain and warp some floors, even lead to swelling of the flooring, as well as mold and mildew growing in and under the floors. Winter can be rough, so here is something you might consider getting your floor through the winter season.

What can I do to protect my floors this winter, you ask? With all floorings it is very hard to keep them looking nice in the winter. Salt is hard on varnish and can even cause warping. Carpet is also hard to keep clean so it’s good to have floor mats to catch slush and snow at the door when a customer comes in. It is important to keep these mats as clean and dry as possible. You may even consider investing in an additional mat that you can use while drying the other.

If you do end up getting stains on your office carpet our professional crews are highly trained in everything a building may need. This includes carpet and floor cleaning, janitorial services, upholstery cleaning, and many other specialized services. We leave our clients satisfied with our quality services, our green cleaning products, and team cleaning techniques that can help make your building Energy Star Efficient. Its time to upgrade. Put CSBSI up to the challenge!


Thanks and Safe Cleaning,

Common Sense Building Services, Inc.

Sensitive Flooring


About 30 years ago, entire countries started banning carpeting from schools. People assumed carpeting contributed negatively to several health factors in children. Now, we know this information was false. Studies have shown carpeting actually reduces airborne illnesses by trapping the bacteria. A high-grade vacuum, as used by our cleaners, can later extract the impurities.

Though carpeting has been cleared of any wrongdoing, it still may not the best flooring material for sensitive areas. Hard-surface flooring usually meets the demands of sensitive environments. These include the following: terrazzo, stone, granite, marble, and many more. Look for flooring materials that meet the current LEED certification requirements.

After purchasing the right flooring for your sensitive area, it is important your cleaning crew understands how to clean it properly. Some flooring materials should not be dust mopped, while others shouldn’t be mopped using chemicals. CSBSI understands the need to keep the flooring looking new! We are able to service and maintain your floor the right way because we have the knowledge and experience to do it!


Thanks and safe cleaning!

Common Sense Building Services, Inc.

Walker Art Center cleaned by porcelain gods?

The Walker Art Center is a top 10 nominee for best public restroom in America! Beautifully designed, the Walker’s restrooms are an experience in their own respect. Sleek, lustrous and most importantly cleaned to perfection make the WAC a top restroom in the country!

Here at CSBSI we are proud to be partnered with such a great organization and facility to help maintain the level of prestige they hold and strive for. Feel free to click here and VOTE for the Walker Art Center!


Thanks and Safe Cleaning,

Common Sense Building Services, Inc.

Industrial Strength, Part III


In particular facilities, certain care must be taken around machinery, equipment, supplies and chemicals. Cleaners must be informed of any contact that needs to be avoided or cleaned a specific way. The building’s management, along with our own team provides training regarding safety precautions, specific chemicals and equipment and any particular procedures that should be used.

Training a new cleaning crew in facilities with machinery includes teaching many different procedures and rules for that particular location. Cleaners should make sure equipment is properly turned off, no abrasive materials or sharp tools are used that may scratch the surfaces. Any soil should be removed by a plastic putty knife or dustpan. Any excess fluids or oils should be dried with towel so the liquids do not ruin the machinery. Cleaning chemicals should be tested to make sure they are not too strong or too weak. If the cleaners are too strong, paint may be inadvertently removed. Cleaners can also prevent rust on the machinery by applying a lighter coat of machine oil to clean, bare iron.

Using the right equipment for each job will reduce time and effort. Floor machines, auto scrubbers, heavy-duty vacuums, pressure washers and hoists are often used in industrial locations, and lucky for you, CSBSI has ‘em all!


Thanks and Safe Cleaning!

Common Sense Building Services, Inc.